Friday, 12 January 2018

Something For The Weekend.

I always find it's a good idea to make a few small things in between a bigger project, once the excitement of starting a new project wears off I soon get bored with it and sometimes find it a chore to actually finish it. That's where the making of small projects is such a big hit for me, I put my larger project to one side at the weekend and make something small and easy, I get quite excited at the thought of starting this teeny project knowing I'll have a finish quite soon. It could be anything that catches my eye during the week or something that I've had on my to do list for a while. 

Hats feature quite strongly on my teeny project list because they are quick to make and are always useful. A couple of weeks ago Marianna from Lazy Daisy Days had a mystery knit and I joined in, such fun to knit something and not know what it is you are knitting of course you do guess as you go along but you don't know what it's going to turn out like until it's completely done. It was this cute little hat...

Marianna has since named this the Marty hat and has also added a cute little mitten pattern too.  So that's what I'll be making this weekend another of these little hats with a matching pair of mittens.
You can find the pattern for both here

I also fancy making this stir fry I think it sounds yummy.

What will you be up to this weekend? whatever it is I hope that it's a good one.😊

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Sorting The Stash

When I moved home I gathered all my yarn from all it's various hiding places and just pushed it into black bags there seemed to be so much! I just dumped all the bags into the garage along with everything else, now with Christmas and New Year over I knew that I had to tackle the black bag stash mountain. 
Wading amongst all the garage mess was not an easy job I still have so much sorting to do but my number one priority was the yarn. It took me two days to bring it all indoors and sort it, I'm quite embarrassed to show you this lot but I'm going to be brave so here goes....

I also found five unfinished projects, they are quite challenging that's why I never finished them. I'm sure that apart from one I will get them completed one day.

It's all been separated into various yarn weights and put back into the garage but in the loft space, I have kept partial balls in the house and I'll try and use them up first along with the cones.  I sorted yarn for my next two projects but I'll show you those another time.  So do you want to know how much it all weighed in at?  ....

36,200 grams that's 79.807339 pounds😮

Last year I managed to bust 13,970 grams so that lot should last me three years at least. I won't be buying any yarn this year that's for sure, I didn't buy much last year but our group did get lots of lovely yarn donations that's why there is so much. It goes without saying that I will be stash-busting yet again this year.

How much yarn have you got in your stash? go on weigh it all and share, be brave I dare you.😊

Friday, 5 January 2018

A Great Start to the New Year.

Or should I say finish!

this was supposed to be my winter project but it's finished already...  

crochet,blanket, easy,quick,freepattern

I know all things granny are fun but I have to say I think that this particular square is my absolute favourite to make, that's why I managed to finish the blanket so quickly. Starting off with an easy circle and then squaring it off is very satisfying indeed.

I began this blankets journey here and at this point I realised that I wouldn't have enough  grey but with your encouragement I added in the cream and I think it looks great don't you? Find the circle in a square pattern here

A very satisfying stash-bust, the blanket used 1,237 grams of yarn and it will fit a single bed..

This will be the first item to place into a box to be sent to Operation Orphan, I wonder how long it will take to fill the box.😉

A big thank you for staying with me even though I've been noticeably absent of late and for all the lovely comments I received throughout 2017.  It was a very difficult year for me and although I am settling into my lovely new home, I received yet another set back regarding my old house just before Christmas, my fourth lot of buyers had to pull out because of problems with their own house sale. I have taken the house off the market because I need a break from the stress of it all. I will put it back on in a few weeks and hopefully 2018 will be a better year for me.😊

Thank you for the lovely comments about my header, it's a Church situated not too far from where I live and the photograph was taken by my brother he takes amazing photo's.

I hope your first weekend of the New Year is a good one, what will you all be up to? I'm going to sort my stash so wish me luck! see you soon. 

Monday, 1 January 2018


happy new year, message

Just popping in to wish everyone all the very best for the New Year. I hope to see more of you you all in 2018.😊
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